Silky Girl Makeup Review

I’m happy to share that SILKYGIRL sent me their products to review that I instantly fell in love at first use (especially the lippies)! The brand promotes a fun, young, and trendy look that unleashes confidence with their affordable yet high quality makeup line. SILKYGIRL cosmetics are available in more than 5,000 cosmetics counters in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei , Indonesia, and Philippines to serve the beauty needs of babes-on-a-budget including me.

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The Greener Way to Clean with Messy Bessy

Choosing home and personal care products that are effective in germ killing is obviously a must but if you wanna upgrade to the next level by being eco-friendly, Messy Bessy is definitely worth the shot. Why? Because its range is non-toxic, biodegradable, and natural. Switch to a cleaner and greener way to bust germs and prevent diseases. Find out more when you read below on what also motivated Messy Bessy to start their green journey.

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MyTown is the Perfect Dorm for South Girls in Manila Like Me

Never stop reaching for your dreams. –  Growing up, I would often tell this to myself (until now, actually)..  Ever since I was young, I’ve always dreamt of putting up my own fashion retail store. I can still recall my younger days when I would imagine what my future store would look like, passionately drawing my vision on paper. A girl can only dream, but a determined woman can make it happen, right? ☺

Landing a job in a fashion retail company was more than any girl with dreams like mine could ever ask for. Everything is just as I imagined it to be; everything except one catch: my office is in BGC and I’m from the South… B-I-C-U-T-A-N kind of south.

Working in BGC has a lot of perks but is undeniably expensive and time-consuming for a South person like me. If only I could live in a place where I can do so much with all the time lost in traffic.

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Crazy Hair Color Journey

When I was a kid, I told myself to get hair-crazy one day. My emo self envied those 2008 scene kids on MySpace, Friendster, and Vampire Freaks, and of course, my woman crush, Hayley Williams! Thankfully, I got hired in a fashion industry wherein hair and outfit are not subjects for judgement (and termination). I got so experimental with it then I finally bid good bye to cotton candy hair and went back to granny hair. After being too sweet on my feed, I think it’s time to look more matured before I go back to being a normal person and end my unicorn life LOL! I chose gray ’cause it kinda shows off my personal style: a bit of edgy and grungy. Ash Gray is the more toned down sister of Red Head after all. Sharing you some tips on how to color and maintain your hair with semi-permanent color.

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Everyday Love + Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Finding a perfect matte liquid lippie is as difficult as finding the perfect boyfriend, don’t you agree? LOL! After a few hours, most MLLs tend to form visible cracks, fade in the middle lip and leave an obvious trace on the lip line. These are just some of my pet-peeves as to why I’m hesitant to buy matte liquid lipsticks. They seem to look fancy and sexy on social media posts but reality bites that most of them are complete nightmares. Speaking of Instagram, I’ve been eyeing on a matte liquid lipstick brand a few years ago and I’m lucky enough to be sponsored with 5 of their 11 amazing shades (I mean, all of their shades are amazing after all, it’s just that finally getting my hands on these lippies made it more amazing-er LOL!). Thank you so much, Everyday Love +! Without further ado, let me introduce you this Filipino lippie brand and share my review.

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Dignity Coconuts: A Raw & Organic Coconut Oil and a Brand That Truly Cares

If I were asked a thing that I’d be able to survive with when I get stuck in an island aside from water, my answer is a coconut tree (with coconuts, of course). Dignity Coconuts has an all a-raw-nd virgin coconut oil you’ll ever love when you read this blog. It’s not your ordinary raw virgin coconut oil brand used for cooking, flavoring, or as a beauty product. In fact, it’s a brand with a cause. A brand which gives hope and dignity. I’m in the transition of becoming an advocate of organic products and I’m grateful enough that I’ve discovered Dignity Coconuts.
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Prima Sassy Belle Product Review

Prima Sassy Belle Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned direct selling company that focuses on providing beauty must-haves and health & wellness products. Their product line varies from healthy beverages (slimming coffee, juice), cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare products. Sharing you guys 4 products from Prima Sassy Belle: Theralax Aromatic Relaxant Oil, Prima Herbal Balm, Prima Parfum, and Cleanse Extreme Complete Colon Care. Top-notch range of products at affordable prices!

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MAGWAI Reef-Safe Sunscreen – Love Your Skin and the Ocean

Mother Earth provides us with the best beaches, beautiful coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and delicious sea food we all love and it’s our responsibility to nurture and protect these natural wonders. What could be better than to use a sunscreen that not only protects your skin but also the coral reefs and the ocean as well?

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The Craft Central is Now Crafting at SM Megamall

The Craft Central has just opened its 5th store in the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall! This retail chain that was once a home-based online store has created another milestone in the Filipino craft community with an advocacy of making arts and crafts supplies more accessible. Dubbed as the “creative destination”, The Craft Central stays true to its roots and continues to be the home for aspiring and professional artists.

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