Cagbalete Island – MVT Sto. Niño Resort


In search for a real peace of mind along with the sand, sea, shells, and sun? Head north to MVT Sto. Nino Resort in Cagbalete Island, Quezon to soothe your stress away with its unique long stretch of sand during low tide creating a very scenic and impressive view together with its crystal clear waters and clean shores.

I haven’t yet explored the beaches of Quezon Province so I thought it was best to suggest it to my friends. I really love to search for beaches in the Philippines, not only it makes me daydream for a moment and wishing for a secret portal, but viewing the search results makes me adore our country even more. After screening all the candidate beaches, only one can be our final pick: Cagbalete Island.

One sacrificed weekday won’t be so bad if you want to veer away from the crowd (as long as you’ve done all your reports in school/work). Besides, it’s rejuvenating to leave on a weekday, right? Raise your hands if you’re thinking of… Monday? Lol!

As I continued to search I found our home for 2 days which is at MVT Sto. Niño Resort. So why did I chose this from the rest?
1. They have a quick response on Facebook and phone
2. We want somewhere peaceful and farther from the port since most tourists would prefer nearer resorts
3. They have a variety of accommodation options
4. The widest among other resorts
5. They have so many positive reviews on their Facebook page


We rode a Jac Liner bus bound to Lucena Grand Terminal at 10:00pm and arrived there at 1:00am. I would recommend you to ride the bus between 11:00pm-12:00am because the journey will only take you about 3 hours to get there.
Second transportation is the NCR Lines mini bus bound to Mauban Port. I’ve read a blog that the mini bus leaves at 3:00am but when we got there, it departed at 4:22am, though it started to load passengers around 3:30am. While waiting, we wanted to sleep but couldn’t find any vacant benches to lie around. So instead, we ordered food from an eatery and stole some nap. By the way, there is an array of eateries to choose from, but frankly, they almost displayed the same menu).

Mauban Tourism Office

We reached Mauban Port at 5:55am but a tricycle driver offered a ride going to Mauban Tourism office not knowing that it is only a short walk away! We realized he only changed his route to make it seem far to walk through. That’s when I said to myself that I should’ve trusted Google Maps and do more research.
We asked the driver for the boat’s first trip schedule and told us it will probably load passengers around 8:00am but when we asked the tourism office, they said the first public boat arrives at 9:30am.


You may also rent a private boat if you prefer to have an early departure to enjoy Cagbalete Island’s pristine waters and fine sand.

salvatore boat cagbalete

Unexpectedly, they called us to get inside the boat around 9:00am and departed by 10:00am.
The first trip of public boats is the Salvatore boat (Php 100) followed by Neneng and Anthony (Php 80). The schedule of the boat from Mauban Port to Sabang/Cagbalete Port is 10:00am and 4:00pm but will increase number of trips during peak season. S’long as there’s money, honey!

Cagbalete Island

Upon reaching Cagbalete Port around 11:20am, we were approached by a man holding a cardboard with my name written on it. So I guessed that he must be a staff from MVT Sto. Niño Resort ’cause where else could he come from?
He tried to persuade us on chartering a boat going to MVT Sto. Niño but we kindly declined the offer and chose to explore the beautiful land of Cagbalete with our itchy feet and desire to immerse in its wonder.


Cagbalete Island

MVT Sto. Nino Resort Cagbalete

We finally reached the resort after an exhausting 50 minute walk but thanked God for the two tour guides. If it weren’t for them, we might probably spend the whole afternoon searching for the right route.


This is the main resort. You can find the fan and air-conditioned rooms, kitchen, dining area, bathrooms inside. On the left side are the nipa huts and tent-pitching area and on the right side is the canteen and tent-pitching area. Front of it is a volleyball court, cottages, and mangroves 🙂


Cottages near our Nipa hut.

This is actually a tent-pitching area. No tents? It’s because we were the only customers on that day! We had the resort all to ourselves which is a dream come true for us. A bonus to our desire to stay away from the crowd.

Credits to MVT Sto. Nino Resort FB page

Php 500 + Php 150 (entrance fee/head per night) – Tent (good for 3-4 pax)

Fee for own tent would depend on the size (ask them on FB)

Credits to MVT Sto. Nino Resort FB page

Php 350 + Php 150 (entrance fee/head per night) – Tent (good for 1-2 pax)


The nipa hut we rented. The room inside is spacious enough and good for 4 pax. It has a fan and bedding.
Php 1,200 – Nipa hut with fan and room (maximum of 4 pax)

Fan room

Php 1,500 – Fan room for 2 pax
Php 2,000 – Fan room for 4 pax


Php 2,000 – Air-conditioned room for 2 pax

Credits to MVT Sto. Nino Resort FB page

Php 2,500 – Air-conditioned room for 4 pax

Credits to MVT Sto. Nino Resort FB page

Php 1,500 – Fan room (attic section) for 2 pax
Php 2,000 – Fan room (attic section) for 4 pax

Credits to MVT Sto. Nino Resort FB page

Common bathrooms are provided for guests who rented Nipa huts and tents.


Second floor of the main resort. You can see that the owner of this resort is a devotee of Sto. Nino.


As for the food, the most available are hotdog, corned beef, eggs, rice, and coffee. You may contact them to ask for other menus and to request cooked meals for your group before your stay (Sinigang, Tinolang Manok, etc.) because the market is located  near the port (about 30 minutes away) and electricity only runs from 6PM-6AM.

There are hammocks if you opt for a more beach-vibe sleep.


Mini chapel


Long and patterned stretch of sand and far waters is Cagbalete Island’s uniqueness. During low tide, it would take approximately 300 or 400 meters before you hit the waves.
Not to worry ’cause it’s so picturesque and you’ll love the creamy light beige sand while basking in the sun.


Feed your Instagram feeds with this sandbar buffet!


Jaki brought her yellow banana bed because we knew it would be a perfect summer prop. We literally went too far but not too deep! Our feet were at risk just to reach this far sandbar. We felt entirely free as we jumped around and rolled in the sand LOL.


This hidden lush paradise is just behind the shore.


The rocky side of the beach which leads to the farthest Cagbalete beach: Nilandingan Cove. If I’m not mistaken, I spotted the Bonsai Island (or was it only a look-alike?). In front of this rocky side are beach houses that aren’t fully developed yet.



Itinerary and Budget

Rating my overall experience with 4.5 stars because we were bitten by sand fleas! We chose a Nipa hut near the mangroves without knowing that most of it live there. The rest is great and I will definitely come back again-but with a bug spray on hand!
Visiting MVT Sto. Nino Resort in Cagbalete Island will surely widen your field of tranquility and temporarily erase the scribbles inside your head.

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