Fairy Tale Tour in Taichung

My childhood fantasies include sashaying in a flower field and finding myself in a castle. This might sound unoriginal because for sure, most girls dream of it too. My best friends and I decided to travel in Taiwan and luckily this country brought my fairy tale fantasies to reality. As we searched for must-see places in Taiwan, a piano in a flower field caught our interest. With no hesitation, I included Taichung in our itinerary. I’m telling you that this is the place to be for girls like me. Magical and memorable. It left a sweet note in my heart that I’ll cherish forever.

We took the local train from Songshan TRA Station (in Taipei) to Taichung TRA Station. Travel time was about 2.5 hours with a fare of NTD 250. Check the TRA timetable.
It’s recommended to hire a private driver in getting around Taichung so you can visit more places and to make your trip more convenient. Prior our trip, we contacted Johnson (The Taichung Driver in Faceboook) (Whatsapp: +86 139 2894 1220) and booked a private tour. Our rate was NTD 3,900 (3 pax) from 8AM-6PM (paid the deposit through PayPal).

Taichung Tour

Our Taichung route (Google Map)

1. Taichung Station
2. Carton King Creativity Park – 紙箱王創意主題園區
3. Xinshe Castle – 新社古堡庄园
4. Moncoeur – 心之芳庭
5. Zong She Flower Market – 中社觀光花市
6. Rainbow Village – 彩虹村
7. Taichung Station

Carton King Creativity Park

Our first destination was in Carton King Creativity Park. Basically, it’s a place where almost everything is made out of carton and where paper craft is exhibited  in the most whimsical way. As you take a tour, you’ll see famous attractions of Italy, Paris, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Japan. To appreciate the scenery of Carton King more, you need to go up the Aerial Trail which is made of concrete iron. There’s also the Package Exhibition Hall which displays more than 1,000 carton products. You may also travel around the park by the Little Train. You’ll enjoy seeing paper arts (and maybe buy yourself one) in the Carton Exhibition Hall. If you’re hungry, there are restaurants and cafes you’d love to try such as Miss Coffee, Sugar Free Tribe, Theme Restaurant, and Mushroom Town. What’s fun in this park is that you’ll be needing to collect 8 stamps to receive a gift.

Carton KingIMG_6981-2IMG_6988-2IMG_6971-2IMG_6969-2IMG_6945-2IMG_6946-2

Carton King Creativity ParkIMG_6973-2

Entrance Fee: NTD 200/NTD 100 for senior citizens and PWD (Show your passport/ID) – It includes a voucher worth NTD 100 to be consumed in their restaurants/souvenir shops.
Address: No. 2, Ln. 2, Sec, 2, Dongshan Road, Beitun District, Taichung City
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00AM-9:00PM
Free Wi-fi, pet-friendly, and non-smoking park.
Google Map search: 紙箱王創意主題園區


Xinshe Castle (Summit Resort)

Our next stop was in Xinshe Castle AKA Summit Resort. It’s a medieval themed resort (with a mansion, pond, waterfall, and garden) which resembles some places in Europe. You’ll feel like a royal as you take a tour in this spectacular guesthouse. It’s mostly visited by couples for their prenuptial photo shoot due to its picturesque setting. There are also souvenir shops and restaurants you can try. I had my voucher exchanged for lavender milktea (it’s the best!).

Xinshe Castle Taichung

Xinshe Castle TaichungIMG_7033-2IMG_7042-2IMG_7063-2IMG_7082-2IMG_7055-347-2

Entrance Fee: NTD 250/NTD 150 for senior citizens and PWD and children 7-12 years old (Show your passport/ID) – It includes a voucher worth NTD 100 to be consumed in their restaurants/souvenir shops.
Address: No. 65, Xiezhong Street, Xinshe District, Taichung City, Taiwan 426
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM/Saturday-Sunday 8:00AM-6:00PM
Non-smoking park.
Google Map search 新社古堡庄园


If you’re traveling with your other half, you’re gonna set your heart on Moncoeur. It’s an imitation of a quintessential European town with shops, gardens, and little houses. I now understand why couples include this in their travel.. Love is all around the place. The ambiance and set-up are so romantic. Weddings also take place in Moncoeur. I enjoyed visiting the souvenir shops ’cause they have all these cute and sweet stuff. Very East Asian. I bought a lavender potpourri with my NTD 100 voucher. By the way, mon coeur means my heart in French.

Moncoeur TaichungIMG_7098-2IMG_7101-2IMG_7134-2IMG_7130-2Moncoeur TaichungIMG_7149-2IMG_7147-2IMG_7142-2IMG_7139-2IMG_7144-239-2IMG_7106-2IMG_7096-2IMG_7140-2

Entrance Fee: NTD 200 – Includes a voucher worth NTD 100 to be consumed in their restaurants/souvenir shops.
Address: No. 1, Fangting Road, Beitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 406
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30AM-7:30PM/Saturday-Sunday 9:30AM-7:30PM
Pet-friendly and non-smoking park.
Google Map search  心之芳庭

Zong She Flower Market

Another picturesque attraction in Taichung is the Zong She Flower Market. It’s a flower heaven for photographers. You need a wear sunscreen because obviously it’s a field and you’ll enjoy taking photos from one place to another without realizing you’re getting a sunburn already LOL. The flowers in these colorful fields are being planted and taken care of professional growers. Too bad we weren’t able to visit during the Tulip Season where the fields are at their most vibrant and colorful state as if you’re in Holland. Just like other places in Taichung, Zong She Flower Market is also an ideal place for prenuptial photo shoots. It’s undeniable that this place is definitely romantic, too. After all, most flowers are symbols of love, happiness, and peacefulness.

Zong She Flower Market TaichungIMG_7205-2IMG_7235-2Zong She Flower Market TaichungIMG_7218-2IMG_7236-2Zong She Flower Market TaichungIMG_7220-2IMG_7197-2IMG_7188-2


Source: http://www.flowerjs.com.tw

Entrance Fee:

January-March (Tulip Season)
Flower Fields – NTD 150/NTD 75 for  3-12 year old children, senior citizens and PWD
Barbecue Area – NTD 320 (141cm and above)/NTD 200 (100-140cm) – October-May

Flower Fields – NTD 120/NTD 60 for  3-12 year old children, senior citizens and PWD
Barbecue Area – NTD 280 (141cm and above)/NTD 170 (100-140cm) – June-September

*Barbecue Area ticket (unli BBQ!) includes entrance to the Flower Fields Zone

Address: No. 333, Section 5, Sanfeng Road, Houli District, Taichung City
Opening Hours: 9:00AM-6:00PM
Google Map search 中社觀光花市

Rainbow Village

What to do if your beloved village is getting demolished? Save it, of course! This is what Huang Yung-Fu (A.K.A Rainbow Grandpa) did.. in the most colorful way! He painted animals, Chinese words/phrases, and other characters. Fortunately, the village became an instant tourist spot. His hard work and dedication saved this veteran village. We weren’t able to meet Rainbow Grandpa though ’cause he’s having dinner so we just roamed around the village, took photos, bought some souvenirs, and ate a rainbow ice pop.

Rainbow Village Taichung38-2IMG_7296-2Rainbow Village TaichungRainbow Village Taichung

No entrance fee
Address: No. 408, Nantun District, Taichung City
Opening Hours: 9:00AM-6:00PM
Google Map search: Rainbow Village 彩虹村

Taichung Driver
With our Taichung driver, Johnson. Oppa!!!

We had the best trip in Taichung not only because of how much it has to offer, but also our driver Johnson made us safe and entertained during the trip. He even played F4 songs that got us singing and reminiscing our childhood days (Meteor Garden!!). We felt a bit of pain when it was time to bid good bye because he sure was an amiable and hospitable driver. He even took us to us to a Taiwanese restaurant that serves very delicious food at affordable prices and treated us Taiwanese halo-halo. We miss you, Oppa Johnson LOL!

13 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Tour in Taichung

  1. All of those places look so cool! Carton King Creativity Park sounds really fun and has some cool things there. I will be craving a rainbow ice pop from rainbow village until I’m able to visit myself. Such beautiful photos! It makes me want to go there!


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