Prima Sassy Belle Product Review

Prima Sassy Belle Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned direct selling company that focuses on providing beauty must-haves and health & wellness products. Their product line varies from healthy beverages (slimming coffee, juice), cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare products. Sharing you guys 4 products from Prima Sassy Belle: Theralax Aromatic Relaxant Oil, Prima Herbal Balm, Prima Parfum, and Cleanse Extreme Complete Colon Care. Top-notch range of products at affordable prices!

Prima Sassy Belle Corporation’s mission is to consistently offer a premier range of products to each and every customer that will bring out the best within them. They let me choose 4 products to try and I was satisfied in consuming all of them. Couldn’t believe that these high quality products have affordable prices especially their perfumes. Saan ka pa?

1. Prima Theralax Aromatic Relaxant Oil (Php 175) and Prima Herbal Balm (Php 130)


I have found the perfect way to relax and ease stress at the end of my day thanks to Prima Theralax Aromatic Relaxant Oil which relieves pains & discomforts and takes away tensions, eases anxiety, fatigue, and depression. I apply it every night ’cause of too much internet for the day (LOL JK) – too much stress from work and traffic 😦 It helps me sleep better because of the lavender and peppermint extract (which are my favorite oils, BTW). I also use the Herbal Balm when I prefer a citrus-y application before tucking myself in bed. The Herbal Balm also works best  in alleviating body/muscle pain especially if you’re a gym junkie or an athlete. These two work wonders especially to people like me who suffer too much from mental (and emotional) stress. Definitely not your ordinary liniment!

2. Prima Parfum in Penelope (smells like Jo Malone Fresca) – Php 320


Smell good and keep ’em coming back for more! Prima Parfum (comes in a box) offers a fine quality and long lasting fragrances with the highest oil concentration of 25%! These are designer perfume-inspired oil-based perfumes made with famous essences in France. I absolutely adore how effective its lasting power are when I just had a few spritz in the morning and lasted at night. I repeat, Prima Parfum fragrances are OIL-BASED so don’t miss in buying one (or two… or three) ’cause they’re very affordable!

3. Prima Cleanse Extreme Complete Colon Care – Php 798 


Aside from being religious on our daily skincare routine, we shouldn’t also forget to have a good cleanse internally. Cleanse Extreme (comes in a box with 7 sachets) is an all-natural detox drink that is formulated to give your body a fresh start inside and out. You just have to mix one sachet in a glass of cold water. It’s a bit sweet and has a green color. On my first drink, I mixed it with lukewarm water and I noticed the consistency went too thick and kinda viscous (yuck) but when I mixed it in cold water, it turned normal (and a lot tastier!) Worry no more because it gently removes toxins in the colon, relieves bloating and occasional constipation, promotes digestive regularity, and optimizes nutrition absorption in our body. Drinking a glass of Cleanse Extreme will make you feel better, lighter, and more energized thanks to its ingredients such as oat bran, wheat grass, lemon, Alfalfa extract. It’s true what they say that what’s inside matters the most.

You don’t have to worry of the credibility ’cause Prima Sassy Belle’s products are:

SEC registered
FDA approved
LTO registered
IPO registered
Halal certified

*All of their products have certificate of product registration.

Prima Sassy Belle’s office address: Unit 24 Park & Shop Bldg., 8300 Dr. A Santos Ave., cor. St. Rita Street, Sucat Road, Paranaque City



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