Dignity Coconuts: A Raw & Organic Coconut Oil and a Brand That Truly Cares

If I were asked a thing that I’d be able to survive with when I get stuck in an island aside from water, my answer is a coconut tree (with coconuts, of course). Dignity Coconuts has an all a-raw-nd virgin coconut oil you’ll ever love when you read this blog. It’s not your ordinary raw virgin coconut oil brand used for cooking, flavoring, or as a beauty product. In fact, it’s a brand with a cause. A brand which gives hope and dignity. I’m in the transition of becoming an advocate of organic products and I’m grateful enough that I’ve discovered Dignity Coconuts.

I admire and support brands that don’t only aim for profit but are ethical and conscious on global issues as well. Almost 70% of the population lives in poverty in the Philippines. Sadly, greed takes over the minds of most business owners while all they care is to get richer that they don’t even mind the growth of people down the base. The company found a solution to alleviate poverty in the Philippines and restore dignity in local farmers through coconuts. I would say, Dignity Coconuts is one of the best businesses in the world ever established. You might want to watch this video to know what I’m talking about.

Here are the things I love about Dignity Coconuts:

A friendly raw-minder.

Food in its raw form ensures that you consume every nutrient found in it because it’s never been cooked nor processed. You get the original taste and goodness your body deserves. Dignity Coconuts’ Raw Coconut Oil undergoes through a unique method (centrifugal extractor) to keep itself cool and retain all the nutrients in every drop. Most coconut oils are heated thus the nutrients are being broken down.


Don’t panic, ’cause it’s…

Organic. Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, Dignity Coconuts sure knows where to grow cocos—in one of Bicol’s pristine and remote areas! Local farmers are well-trained in Organic farming methods which is why you get the most of your money.


Let’s go zero.

Source: Dignity Coconuts

Dignity Coconuts doesn’t waste every single part of a coconut. They’re absolutely zero-waste. Aside from the oil and water, Dignity has found a way to make use of the coconut shells such as by transforming the husk fibers to erosion-control blankets.


Fighting poverty and building sustainability.

Source: Dignity Coconuts

I am boiling up with anger whenever apathy and greed are incorporated with business. This is what most coconut companies and lending institutions are up to these days (and even a long time ago). Companies would only contract with big plantations to lessen cost so they veer away from local farmers. On the other hand,  lending institutions usually make a promise of offering loan but interest rates hike from 25-200%. With Dignity Coconuts, dignity and respect are restored to these local farmers by asking fair prices for their coconuts. They bring hope and change by providing sustainable livelihood to poor communities.

I’m in love with the coco.


You can do so many things with coconut oil because of its health and beauty benefits! That’s why a coconut tree is called the Tree of Life. Here are a few things you can do with coconut oil and I bet Dignity Coconuts can make it a whole lot better ’cause it’s raw, virgin, organic, unrefined, and non-GMO.

* Food and drink natural flavoring
* Natural supplement
* Cooking spray
* Moisturizer
* Eye makeup remover
* Hair mask
* Massage oil
* Lip balm
* Doggy’s fur “serum”
* Post sunburn relief
* Salve for wounds

and so much more! You can check recipes on Youtube and level up your cooking with Dignity Coconuts Raw Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil Medicinal Uses:

  1. Fights inflammation
  2. Boosts immunity
  3. Protector
  4. Balances hormones
  5. Supports digestion
  6. Constipation relief
  7. Helps sick pets
  8. Fat burning supplement
  9. Sleep aid
  10. Fights acne
  11. Kills Candida
  12. Diabetes preventer
  13. Blood sugar stabilizer
  14. Cancer protection and defense
  15. Prevents bone loss & Osteoporosis risk
  16. Alzheimer’s treatment & brain health
  17. Eczema & Psoraiasis cure treatment
  18. Balances cholesterol levels

Dignity can change the world and so can you!

Support the local farmers and enjoy delicious raw virgin coconut oil from Dignity Coconuts. Shop now through their website or in Amazon.

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