Everyday Love + Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Finding a perfect matte liquid lippie is as difficult as finding the perfect boyfriend, don’t you agree? LOL! After a few hours, most MLLs tend to form visible cracks, fade in the middle lip and leave an obvious trace on the lip line. These are just some of my pet-peeves as to why I’m hesitant to buy matte liquid lipsticks. They seem to look fancy and sexy on social media posts but reality bites that most of them are complete nightmares. Speaking of Instagram, I’ve been eyeing on a matte liquid lipstick brand a few years ago and I’m lucky enough to be sponsored with 5 of their 11 amazing shades (I mean, all of their shades are amazing after all, it’s just that finally getting my hands on these lippies made it more amazing-er LOL!). Thank you so much, Everyday Love +! Without further ado, let me introduce you this Filipino lippie brand and share my review.


First off, the packaging! I adore the 7ml ombre bottle ‘cause it looks so sophisticated and expensive-looking. It comes in a white box that has a minimal design and includes the expiration date (12 months after first use), ingredients, and a cruelty-free logo (yay to our furry friends!).



Now the NEW formulation, It claims to be wearable in Filipina skin tones and I totes agree! Their shades are pigmented and not too pale nor too bright, so they’re all wearable. Creamy at first when applied but you’ll be surprised with its matte finish once it sets minus the flaking. This product dries quickly and is very lightweight and smooth as if you’re wearing nothing on your pout. Transfer-proof, kiss-proof, and water-proof, you don’t need to worry on reapplying often because it stays long but if you feel the need to reapply, it’s best to remove the product on your lips first before you enjoy another swipe. This is also hard to remove so you’ll be needing an oil-based cleanser/makeup remover but I just use Dignity Coconut’s Raw Coconut Oil to make sure my lips are nourished after. It also doesn’t give you an ugly fade with large cracks and highlighted lip lines.


Nude Lips (#2-#7), Red Lips (#8 & #9), and Pink Lips (#10 & #11).



Nude Lips #2 – Soft peachy pink color


Nude Lips #5 – Pale taupe


Nude Lips #7 – Muted rose color


Red Lips #9 – Classic red color


Pink Lips #10 – Sweet pink color




Everyday Love + matte liquid lippies are all Paraben-free and cruelty-free so buying one is definitely a steal for just Php 199! #1 and #4 sells out so fast so ya better buy as soon as they become available LOL!

Available thru their webstore and BeautyMNL

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