Get Rollin’ Essential Oils

Here are bullets for your discomfort and uneasiness from @getrollinph 💛 Essential oils are my go-to for anxiety, headaches, restlessness, and other forms of pain.


They sent me four of their 3ml roller bottles:

Happiness – Tried this first since I was feeling extra sad lately (💔) and it did uplift and calm my mood thanks to the citrus oils 😄 (areas of application – behind the ears, wrists, temples, over the heart)

Peace – This one’s definitely a tranquility in a bottle that you’ll need for emotional support 😌 (areas of application – over the heart, behind the ears, back of neck, wrists, temples)

Zing! – Use this whenever you need an extra boost of energy. This also promotes sharper focus and memory 🤓 (areas of application – temples, behind the ears, base of skull)

No Itch Cuts Bites – Stop scratchin’ those bites and just roll this on to minimize the irritation 😊 (apply directly on affected area)

@getrollinph Essential Oils are made with 100% pure essential oils. For therapeutic support only and should be applied topically. Don’t forget to shake it gently before rollin’ 👌🏼 Don’t forget to check them out on their IG @getrollinph ‘cause they also have Christmas packs! Give love on Christmas Day!😍🎄

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