Crazy Hair Color Journey

When I was a kid, I told myself to get hair-crazy one day. My emo self envied those 2008 scene kids on MySpace, Friendster, and Vampire Freaks, and of course, my woman crush, Hayley Williams! Thankfully, I got hired in a fashion industry wherein hair and outfit are not subjects for judgement (and termination). I got so experimental with it then I finally bid good bye to cotton candy hair and went back to granny hair. After being too sweet on my feed, I think it’s time to look more matured before I go back to being a normal person and end my unicorn life LOL! I chose gray ’cause it kinda shows off my personal style: a bit of edgy and grungy. Ash Gray is the more toned down sister of Red Head after all. Sharing you some tips on how to color and maintain your hair with semi-permanent color.


Fluid Colors sent me their Ash Gray color kit. It includes hair color cream (100ml), 12% developer (100ml), bleach powder and developer (50ml), and a pair of rubber gloves.


Directions are written at the back of the bleach powder and hair color cream. One thing I didn’t like is that the developer leaked when I received it although they have placed it inside another ziplock bag. They have more affordable prices compared to imported ones I have used before:

Fluid Colors Price List (from their IG Stories Highlights)


How to flirt while you’re eating a Jelly Belly HAHA

Okay, so I’ll be sharing you some of my insights/tutorial on how to color your hair. I should have done this a few month ago but I think now’s the best time.

Before you jump in the unicorn/pastel/or whatever you call it hair bandwagon, be mindful that this could take a long and painful process. This one’s a BIG decision and would require you an amount of patience, time, money, and commitment (dude, as if you’re in a relationship).

*Do a patch test first before applying any product on your skin check if you’re allergic. Discontinue if irritation occurs*


fluid colors bleaching level

I bleached my hair 5x (30 minutes per session) once a week. I had a hard time because I did it by myself, so there were uneven patches. I was so embarrassed going to work because of the brassy color HAHA!

1. To lessen the irritation caused by bleaching, don’t wash your hair 4-5 days before bleaching so that natural oils can protect your scalp.
2. Also, run some coconut oil through your scalp for more shield and petroleum jelly to the sides of your face, ears, neck, and other areas that need protection from the process.
3. Wear a mask, protective gloves, and goggles (as much as possible) when bleaching and coloring your hair). The smell is too strong and pungent.
4. Part your hair into quadrants so that every section gets bleached/colored.
5. For faster bleaching, wrap parts of your hair with aluminium foil.



Once you’ve achieved level 9 or 10 (ideal level for pastel hair), next is toning. Toning removes brassiness (yellow and orange tones) on bleached hair. I used Wella T18 from Rainbow Head. before reaching the mauve stage.
Take note that the scent is TOO STRONG so it’s safe to wear a mask and go in and out of the bathroom to avoid suffocation. I even placed a mini fan in front of me while I toned my hair hehe.


My life as a unicorn ~Evolution~

From semi-silver, to mauve, fuchsia, peachy pink, bubble gum pink, then finally gray.
The time I went fuchsia, I hated it so crushed a lot of Vitamin C tablets and mixed with anti-dandruff shampoo and baking sode with anti-dandruff shampoo to fade the color away and until I reached the peachy pink stage haha!


The final stage: Granny Hair!

For this, I didn’t bleach my hair anymore since my pink hair has faded. I also used Wella Color Charm 050 Cooling Violet before applying Fluid Colors’ Ash Gray to make sure my hair turns really gray!


Reality is, lighter colors tend to fade quicker than darker colors. Pastels usually last from 2-6 weeks, depending on how you maintain it. Here are my tips to prolong and maintain semi-permanent hair color (based on my experience. Not a pro here):

1. Wash you hair 2-3x a week with purple shampoo and conditioner if you really want to avoid the brassy tones but I just used Organic Care Colour Shield Shampoo & Conditioner and changed my conditioner with Hask Kalahari Oil Color Protection Conditioner. This makes my hair extra soft, tangle-free, and the color lasted for months. The color faded gracefully like a single color gradient. I didn’t mind if my hair has a bit of yellow touch, really LOL! Available in Watsons for Php 399 🙂
2. Avoid hair products with sulfates and parabens as these chemicals can dry (and really damage) your colored/bleached hair and strip off the color faster.
3. It’s okay to retouch once a month since most semi-permanent dyes are safe and less damaging just like Fluid Colors!
4. Don’t wash your hair with warm/hot water ’cause it also strips off the dye.
5. Wear a cap when you swim and hat whenever you’re traveling under the hot sun.

I hope you learned something from this colorful experience of mine. Just be cautious in choosing hair coloring products. Do a lot of research and watch video tutorials on Youtube just like what I did.

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