MyTown is the Perfect Dorm for South Girls in Manila Like Me

Never stop reaching for your dreams. –  Growing up, I would often tell this to myself (until now, actually)..  Ever since I was young, I’ve always dreamt of putting up my own fashion retail store. I can still recall my younger days when I would imagine what my future store would look like, passionately drawing my vision on paper. A girl can only dream, but a determined woman can make it happen, right? ☺

Landing a job in a fashion retail company was more than any girl with dreams like mine could ever ask for. Everything is just as I imagined it to be; everything except one catch: my office is in BGC and I’m from the South… B-I-C-U-T-A-N kind of south.

Working in BGC has a lot of perks but is undeniably expensive and time-consuming for a South person like me. If only I could live in a place where I can do so much with all the time lost in traffic.



My ideal work life would be hustling minus the loooooong hours of commute. After all, isn’t that the real adulting goals?

I thought this was too good to be true until I found out about MyTown. MyTown dorms are all over the borders of not one but two CBDS, namely, BGC and Makati.

Each MyTown dorm has the same look so you can easily spot them in the streets. I love how each MyTown dorm is named after cities in different parts of the world. And each dorm’s interiors are designed according to the city it represents.

How cool is that?

Living near my office means not having to worry about the traffic jam, long queues at the terminals, the nerve-wracking thrills of reserving a carpool slot, and late bedtimes.

Being home by 7:30PM and means I can still do a lot until 11:00PM like working out, blogging, or catching up with friends.

I gave up on my usual SM Bicutan – Skyway – Legaspi Village commute route because the way home was just unbearable. Imagine taking up to 40 mins just for a tricycle at the SM Bicutan terminal. Add that up with the 40 minute travel time and you get a super worn out Chi on a weekday night. Instead of making my way through the whole commuting nightmare, I just use carpool. We have a Facebook group exclusive to our subdivision where we can ride with other carpoolers!

With a mission to help professionals live closer to work and remove traffic in their daily schedule, MyTown was founded in 2012 under Philippines Urban Living Solutions (PULS) Inc.



Got to visit MyTown New York and look what I found: their cinema and their gym! Cardio, anyone?

If you try to look for other dorms in the same area, MyTown has so much more to offer than just a place to sleep in; it’s also a place where you can play, laugh, and learn. I fell in love with their rooftop pool and their movie theater. I mean, who does that? But that’s not all. If you’re all about the active lifestyle, they have a gym and boxing gym. Hello, #fitnessgoals?   


Love their cafeteria in MyTown New York! It looks like a cozy co-working space with its industrial interior and the hustle-themed murals.


Here’s their function room. Perfect for group classes and workshops!

2 Types of MyTown Buildings

MyTown Deluxe dorms only offer accommodation while MyTown First Class dorms have accommodation and amenities which include a swimming pool, fitness center, movie theatre, study room, roof deck lounge, and café lounge. Deluxe tenants may still enjoy these amenities for a monthly fee of Php 250.

All in all, all dorms are designed to create maximum comfort and privacy.


You don’t have to pay a lot for a comfortable place where you can experience convenience while pursuing your after-9-to-5 goals.



Deluxe Dorms First Class Dorms Serviced Apartments
Services Provided – High-quality unit

– Free wi-fi

– In-house amenities

– Free Club access

– Excellent location

– High-quality unit

– Free wi-fi

– Available for <6 months

– Free club access

– Php 5,000 utility credit per month

– Daily breakfast

– Housekeeping

– High quality unit

– Free wi-fi

6-Bed Sharing Php 4,050 Php 4,400 Available upon request
4-Bed Sharing Php 4,200 Php 4,550
2-Bed Sharing Php 8,100 Php 8,450
Private Room Php 16,100 Php 16,450

Each room has a private bathroom, cabinets, microwave oven, and a refrigerator.






Remind yourself that you shouldn’t work for money alone because there’s so much more in life after your 9 to 5 grind minus the Metro Manila traffic. Choose safety, comfort, and convenience with a price that won’t hurt your thrifty heart.

For more info, visit their website at


Instagram: @mytown_ph

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